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Become a #FoodRescueHero

We rely on amazing people, like you, to be our feet on the ground to rescue and deliver food to hunger centers in less than an hour.

Rescues can be weekly, scheduled food rescues or pop-up food rescues.

Weekly rescues: Weekly rescues occur on the day, time, and frequency of your choice (i.e. every Monday at 10:00AM). These types of rescues allow you to build relationships with our food donors and food recipients during your recurring rescues, making you their favorite food rescue friend!

Pop-up rescues: Pop-up rescues occur on an as needed basis. These are not at pre-determined days and times and you can choose to claim or ignore the rescue.

Did you know you can deduct $0.14/mile from your taxes for charitable use of your car? Learn more.

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Powered by Food Rescue Hero

Powered by Food Rescue Hero


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